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Is CMS the Future of Web Development? My View

Is CMS the Future of Web Development? Content Management System or CMS, in simple terms, is an application that provides an individual with features like creating, editing and publishing the contents onto a website. CMS has become an inevitable add-on feature to website development in this 21st Century.  CMS eliminates the need to rely upon a webmaster to manage your websites pages and other data on the website. I am Chandan Chakrabarty and I am a Freelance Website Developer in Kolkata, India serving people with the best web solutions of modern times with 10+ working experience.

The two important elements of CMS are:

  • Content Management Application (CMA)- helps in editing and
  • Content Delivery Application (CDA)- helps in publishing

Both when integrated flawlessly, initiates a streamlined web development process.

Few of the web-based CMSes that are equipped with the latest tools are Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Wix.

Statements to make you understand why CMS is the future of web development

  • CMS provides direct control over websites: With CMS, you have end-design and data control in your own hands, thus, making you understand your own website to greater depths. Without having the knowledge of complex HTML and other tech entries, you can edit and mage the content on your own now. With this much knowledge of your website, you can now present the site to the target audience with more confidence and can make the last minute changes, if necessary.
  • Enables to Schedule your updates in real-time- Real-time content updating can make a huge difference in how your target audience likes your websites. Posting latest and fresh contents at regular intervals plays a major role in making your website successful. This is because a search engine prefers websites with fresh contents over others and many owners do fail to live up to this challenge. Many CMSes now provide you with the feature of scheduling your content. So if you have 15 complete articles with you, you can schedule for the next three weeks and CMS will do the rest, ensuring posting of the articles as scheduled.
  • Boosts your SEO Efforts: It is known that a website generates income only after it made available to viewers, and the better search engine ranking, more the income. Better search engine results can be made through SEO tools like the inclusion of high-ranking keywords, back-link builder, keyword density checking and few others. CMS, on the other hand, values all the SEO efforts by providing you with these tools and allowing real-time changes to the site. This would result in more traffic on your site and much better conversion rates.
  • Allows to change design Elements with ease: we all know how much hectic the work pressure could get if we have to go through the complex HTML codes for website design changes and further development. Well, CMS eliminates this need by providing you with predefined templates which would make changes to the header, footer region and can also add widgets. Also, you can choose over many plug-ins according to your needs and make your website more appealing and attractive to the visitors.
  • Improves Customer relations and service: The pain of sending emails individually is very effectively removed by the use of some web-based Customer Management Service. It gives freedom to the audience and customers viewing your website to contact you directly over your websites. You can swiftly give a response to customer complaints and rapidly increase your brand value. The FAQs page and the help section, if well developed, can go a long way to make your website a better choice than others to the customers.
  • Security: It may often occur to you that if your data with CMSes are secured or not. Well, they are. Topmost web-based CMSes use highly protective access control mechanisms to store and protect your data in their database. This highly secured database can only be accessed by authorized users. With news of website attacks erupting in huge numbers nowadays, businesses are simply going on for opting CMS based websites as they are more secure than any other. You can stay assured that your data is in the safe hands.
  • Saves cost: Since everything from beginning to end is managed by you, the cost of an external consultant is saved! you can stay assured that most of the thing that a consultant may provide you with, is also provided you by CMS. The need for the highly skilled developer is thus eliminated, saving a significant amount of operational cost.

Website content developing and publishing is now a cakewalk with the help of CMS. Real-time monitoring of the website, adhering latest plug-ins to the website to enable visitors to communicate, and many other features of CMS are simply amazing. CMSes gives rise to better communications with the customers, thus, much better website exposure. With all these said, CMS is rapidly becoming the topmost priority for online marketers and thus is known as the future of web development.

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