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Best Ecommerce Website Design Practices to Improve UX

User Experience Design or UX should be the utmost priority thought while designing a website. E-commerce sites with great design make a great difference when it comes to attracting customers. The design and the user interface is the first impressionable thing when someone visits your site. Thus, it becomes very important to have a beautiful, eye-catching yet lite website to start through with. Apart from this, many design elements like easy-to-read text and other things should be done right and following goes some tips to achieve one of the best and effective E-commerce websites. Well, I am Chandan Chakrabarty and I am a Freelance eCommerce Website Designer in Kolkata serving people with the best eCommerce web solutions of modern times.

Get Started with Visuals:

A clean, easily accessible design goes a long way, making visitors to love your site. Having to ponder about your site can be tricky, but is surely rewarding when everything goes right. Below are the elements that should be kept in mind while designing your E-commerce site.

  1. Keep it Simple: Keeping your site much simpler and easily accessible would attract more visitors and keeps your existing customers loyal to your site. More the clutter, more the people changing their mind of browsing through your site.

  Overloading your site with excessive multimedia bulk would be the last thing you want to do. Videos only one per page, eliminating graphics with no clear function, avoiding too many products per page, use of well-segmented and clear product category page are some tips to follow.

Colour and Typefacewith the psychology of colours and their importance in branding known well, you should never go onboard with choosing too many colours. Couple of bold, simple colour combination offsetting with white always makes the best of an impression.

Keeping the typeface simple is the must follow the golden rule. A hard-to-read typeface with other complications will turn the readers away. A common font, with no more than a trio of size, should be included.

  1. Visual Hierarchy: Influencing the User Experience is what Visual Hierarchy is all about. Following are the website elements concluding the visual hierarchy field:
  • Colour: contrasting and dominant colours like black or red with their complementary colours, when used together, are surely attention-grabbing, creating much greater aesthetic. Different shades of the brand logo can also be thought of.
  • Size: Big fonts may surely be used to highlight the must notice parts, but too big will do badly as it overshadows the rest. This would make the page unbalanced. For the balanced and steady website, you do not need to highlight drop-down menus or the ‘About Us’ page or other links that you know customers will be looking for. Also, make sure to use larger images and texts to showcase or highlight featured product or for a promotion.
  • Position: When having a lot of contents, white space and proximity method should be used to separate out more important content from others. Space out low-hierarchy elements away from focus elements with the use of white space.
  1. Consistency: Consistency results in rapid progress when it comes to E-commerce site designs. Images should be consistent, with minimal change in backgrounds, colours and typefaces. Stick to these elements or else it would get your customers distracted by your content. Also, the tone of writing should be consistent too, to make sure your target audience ponders for something aesthetic; they immediately open up your site
  1. Image Quality: the quality of images is directly proportional to how much the customers would want to browse through your site. More the quality more would be the number of users as it reflects the quality of your E-commerce site.  Beautifully composed and edited pictures will surely make a huge difference, making users want to purchase from your site more and more.

The Technical Stuff: E-commerce Website Development

Coming onto the technical side for E-commerce website development, below are some tips, if followed would bring perks for sure.

  1. NavigabilityIntuitive Design is where the users can get to wherever they want, without much thinking and effort. Some tips to follow to make sure user never find themselves lost on your site are:
  • For quick discoverability, make sure the navigation structure is simple and intuitive too.
  • Avoid overloading of navigations as it gets confusing.
  • Make link’s description crystal clear
  • Use breadcrumbs bar post every page after ‘leave the homepage’ to make back-navigation easy.
  • Use navigation tools in both the header and footer region, to avoid much scrolling and release the user of extra hectic efforts.
  1. Accessibility: Making your website compatible across most of the devices in different resolutions is super important to gain more users. The best is a Responsive site which can resize itself in accordance with user’s device, be it of any screen size and fit it perfectly.

Not only the site should resize and reshuffle itself to device size, it should also keep in mind of the device orientation. Also, the website should be swift to load and should provide with network optimization options. More and more number of Smartphone users are added every passing year, and this tip would make a huge difference, letting your website reach each and every user.

  1. Conventionality: Uniqueness and conventionality may seem to be contrasting features, but they go hand-in-hand when it comes to the best E-commerce site. With the desire of making your site a unique one, never eliminate the basics of website development. The basics should never be overlooked and following are some essentials:
  • Clickable logo, which takes the users back to the homepage.
  • When hovered over the links, make sure they change the colour or go bold.
  • An e-commerce site must be coupled with a prominent shopping cart icon
  • The ‘About Us’ page should have company details with contact details and location info
  • Partners and associates should be highlighted properly and boldly, along with company’s logo
  1. Credibility and Transparency: Trust plays a major role in proving the worth of a company and taking it to the peak of success. And the easiest yet effective way to gain credibility and promote trust is by keeping the site clear and transparent as much as possible. The ‘About Us’ page should be composed straight of your heart and can also include your past stories be it of struggles to success. To increase the legitimacy of sites of companies that sell services, always include a pricing page. This would be a much better alternative to build customer trust.

Also, try not make your customers feel down by letting them know about a product being out of stock at the last step, instead be clear initially about the availability of products. Just label the products as out of stocks instead of removing them from website to create an eagerness in users and they will check out your site from time to time. Also, keeping on top the product inventory also helps to bring credibility to the company.

  1. Social Media: Properly placed social media buttons are must have for any E-commerce website. These floating set of buttons are not just bunch of links, but they are the bridge for customer’s thought to enter your territory. The position of these icons should be taken care of and should be placed somewhere over where it won’t distract or dominate the content but is easily noticeable. Also, try to use most of the social media links to make sure customers or viewers can share individual products over social media very easily, hassle-free.

If there are plenty of images over your site, then never hesitate to take advantage of Pinterest. It may be underestimated, but the use of this tool will give your site amazing internet presence with the added advantage of boosted Google-ability. A simple click and pin of quality images over your site will make it available to thousands of more number of users. 

  1. Product Preview Option: Products previews are another great way to attract more customers. Considering the inclusion of product previews is added advantage for viewers who are hunting and on the lookout for a specific product. A quick preview with the brief addressing of the product without the need to click on it is the need of today’s e-commerce sites. Just hover over the product and it displays vital info regarding the product. This also makes the visitors wish to stay longer and more engaged to your website. The product preview may also include a larger image of the product or a 360-degree view. This ensures the max use of your product’s visuals resulting in more attention from users.
  1. Newsletter Sign up Form: The next step to a better, fully-packed E-commerce website would be building the email list by adding newsletter signup form. This step is very important to make sure your customers visit your site again and again.

Make sure your signup form matches the basic theme of your website and is aesthetic. More the form is beautiful, more it would engage the target audience to fill up the form and not just close it straight-away whenever it pop-up.

So, the aforementioned info mentioned every basic thing to make sure a better user experience over your e-commerce site. Having said all these, do make sure few more points like optimization of ‘add to cart’ button to ‘Buy now’ as its more effective, considering colored follow-up messages and making sure the website if fast to load. All the points, when taken care of, would bring you deal with a beautiful, handy website which will surely increase your business value.

A good and beautifully designed E-commerce website will boost your sales like no else.

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